MF provides legal services to national and international clients, and within the scope of such activity, maintains several connections with partners who can participate in fulfilling the needs of clients.

MF provides legal services in the most diverse areas of law, in particular:

Banking Law
  • Advising banking institutions and leasing companies

  • Recovery of credit from banking institutions, leasing companies and insurers

  •  Negotiation and formalization of autonomous guarantees 

  • Negotiation of contractual changes in the face of breaches of credit contracts

Civil, Obligatory and Real Law
  • Legal assistance, negotiation, elaboration, formalization and interpretation of various civil contracts, their additions, with the vicissitudes of alteration and extinction.
  • Contracts-promise of buying and selling real estate, leasing and sharing.
  • Purchase and sale of real estate contracts

  • Urban lease contracts for residential and non-residential purposes, with and without bail.

  • Rural lease agreements

  • Rental contracts or leasing of movable property

  • Leasing contracts for commercial establishments.

  • Store usage contracts in a shopping center.

  • Trespass Contracts

  • Lending contracts

  • Contract and subcontractor Contracts

  • Sharing agreements

  • Donation Contracts

  • Credit Assignment Contracts

  • Legal advice in the area of extrajudicial debt collection, guarantees of compliance with obligations, with the elaboration of payment agreements in installments, recognition of debts, provision of bonds; The creation of mortgages (interventions in the sense of conflict prevention).

  • Constitution of horizontal ownership and elaboration of condominium regulations.

  • Establishment of associations and foundations.

  • Advising on the management and transmission of real estate assets.

  • Advisory on increased incomes.

  • Eviction and property restitution actions.
Law of Family and Succession
  • Mutual consent divorces

  • Litigious Divorce or without the consent of one of the spouses

  • Sharing after divorce

  • Authorisation procedures for certain acts relating to minors

  • Authorisation procedures for certain acts relating to minors, relating to the transfer or sale of property or shares

  • Regulatory processes of parental responsibilities

  • Procedures for the protection of minors

  • Adoption

  • Failure processes of parental responsibilities

  • Special enforcement for food-recovery or alimony

  • Inventories

  • Advice on inheritance issues and preparation of wills

Commercial Law
  • Establishment of commercial companies and consortia

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Commercial Law Commercial contracts of leasing, factoring, franchising, ALD, agency, commercial concession, distribution, purchase and sale, rent

  • Insurance

  • Constitution of companies and others in the free zone of Madeira/CINM

Administrative law, public administration and Fiscal policy
  • Legal advice in various administrative matters, particularly with licenses, real estate investments, town planning, urban renewal, environmental law and public procurement

  • Matters relating to tendering for procurement of supplies and services, in particular in the following areas: acquisition and lease of goods, public works and construction

  • Advice in the field of public procurement and public local civil services licenses, preparation of documents for participation in public procurement

  • Administrative complaints related to matters inherent to the tender procedures in the field of public procurement

  • Against administrative offences

  • Public contracts

  • Expropriations

  • Health

  • Legal assistance within the framework of Association

  • Acquisition of nationality and right of abode

  • Advice on matters of tax law

  • Monitoring processes in the administrative phase (complaints, appeals, requests for reassessment, refund requests) and litigation (judicial impugnation and resources)

  • Foreclosures

  • Tax rollbacks against managers and directors of commercial companies

  • Tax Offences

  • Right of urbanism, real estate and Construction

  • Insolvency and business recovery

  • Executive Law

  • Registries and notaries

  • Labour law and Social Security

  • Criminal Law

  • Intellectual and Industrial property law

  • Corporate Law

  • International Law

Right of urbanism, real estate and Construction
  • Legal advice under the real estate investment, urban design, urban renewal

  • Construction, applications for permits, purchases and sales, Golden Visa

  • Non-resident representation in acquisition of properties

  • Acquisition of nationality and right of abode

Insolvency and business recovery
  • Insolvency of individuals

  • Insolvency and business recovery

  • Special process of revitalising companies (PER)

  • Special process of business recovery ADR (SIREVE)

  • Recovery and reclamation claims in insolvency proceedings and PER

  • Recovery of VAT on the invoices in debt and bad debts

"A good lawyer goes beyond the services provided. It's the trust for a lasting partnership."
Beatriz Mello
MF legal services
Executive Law
  • Credit recovery

  • Agreement for payment of debts

Registries and notaries
  • Preparation of public deeds many

  • Legalization of urban and rustic buildings

  • Execution of requirements of building, commercial and automobile records

Labour law and Social Security
  • Counsel on various matters relating to labour legislation and conventional

  • Preparation of various types of employment contracts and service contracts

  • Temporary employment contracts and the use of temporary worker

  • Monitoring and disciplinary processes statement

  • Arrangements for termination of employment contracts

  • Expiry of employment contracts

  • Dismissal for facts attributable to the worker

  • Elimination of the workplace

  • Collective redundancies

  • Dismissal for failure to adapt

  • Dismissal by the employee

  • Challenge of redundancies

  • Labour claims claim in insolvency proceedings

  • Recovery of employment credits

  • Trading/Contracting Conference

  • Accidents at work and occupational diseases

  • Advising on the acquisition and merger and corporate restructuring

  • Social security

  • Labour and social security offences

Criminal Law
  • Criminal liigaion

  • Legal assisance for vicims and vicims of crime

  • Legal assisance and defence of he accused

  • Legal assisance o winesses Civil claims

  • Civil claims

  • Offences

Intellectual and Industrial property law
  • Trademarks, patents and other intellectual and industrial property

Corporate Law
  • Tax and social security offences

  • Labour offences

  • Road law offences

  • Environmental law offences

  • Labour offences


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